Workshop program and presentations

Rome, 24-25 January 2012

Download the PDF version of the program.

DAY 1: 24 January

POSTER SESSION – January 24, 10:20 – 11:30

Parsing Task

  • A. Lavelli: An Ensemble Model for the EVALITA 2011 Dependency Parsing Task
  • G. Attardi, A. Zanelli: Delaying reductions in Shift/Reduce dependency parsing

Lemmatization Task

  • R. Delmonte: Italian Lemmatization by Rules with Getaruns
  • D. Seddah, J. Le Roux, B. Sagot: Towards Using Data Driven Lemmatization for Statistical Constituent Parsing of Italian
  • F. Tamburini: The AnIta-Lemmatiser

Named Entity Recognition on Transcribed Broadcast News Task

  • Md. F.M. Chowdhury: A Simple Yet Effective Approach for Named Entity Recognition from Transcribed Broadcast News

Frame Labeling over Italian Texts Task

  • C. Giannone: Generative and Discriminative Learning in Semantic Role Labeling for Italian

Forced Alignment on Spontaneous Speech

  • G. Paci, G. Sommavilla, P. Cosi: SAD-based Italian Forced Alignment Strategies
  • B. Ludusan: UNINA System for the EVALITA 2011 Forced Alignment Task

Student contest: DEMO

  • Gennaro Cangiano: NXT Speech, Utilizzo di comandi vocali nell’interazione con robot Lego Mindstorm NXT

PARLI Project

  • PARLI project group: PARLI: Portale per l’Accesso alle Risorse Linguistiche per l’Italiano