EVALITA provides a shared framework for the evaluation of different systems and approaches on separate tasks, all for Italian. For the 2023 edition tasks are organized along the following tracks:


  • EMit – Categorical Emotion Detection in Italian Social Media (O. Araque, S. Frenda, D. Nozza, V. Patti, R. Sprugnoli)
  • EmotivITA – Dimensional and Multi-dimensional emotion analysis (G. Gafà, F. Cutugno, M. Venuti)

Authorship Analysis

  • PoliticIT – Political Ideology Detection in Italian Texts (D. Russo, S.M. Jiménez-Zafra, J.A. García-Díaz, T. Caselli, M. Guerini, L.A. Ureña-López, R. Valencia-García)
  • GeoLingIt – Geolocation of Linguistic Variation in Italy (A. Ramponi, C. Casula)
  • LangLearn – Language Learning Development (C. Alzetta, D. Brunato, F. Dell’Orletta, A. Miaschi , K. Sagae, C.H. Sánchez-Gutiérrez, G. Venturi)

Computational Ethics

  • HaSpeeDe 3 – Political and Religious Hate Speech Detection (M. Lai, F. Celli, A. Ramponi, S. Tonelli, C. Bosco, V. Patti)
  • HODI – Homotransphobia Detection in Italian (D. Nozza, G. Damo, A.T. Cignarella, T. Caselli, V. Patti)
  • MULTI-Fake-DetectiVEMULTImodal Fake News Detection and VErification (A. Bondielli, P. Dell’Oglio, A. Lenci, F. Marcelloni, L.C. Passaro)
  • ACTI – Automatic Conspiracy Theory Identification (G. Russo, N. Stoehr, M. Horta Ribeiro)

New Challenges in Long-standing Tasks

  • NERMuD -Named-Entities Recognition on Multi-Domain Documents (T. Paccosi, A. Palmero Aprosio)
  • CLinkaRT – Linking a Lab Result to its Test Event in the Clinical Domain (B. Magnini, B. Altuña, A. Lavelli, M. Speranza, R. Zanoli)
  • WiC-ITA – Word-in-Context task for Italian (P. Cassotti, L. Siciliani, L. Passaro, M. Gatto, P. Basile)
  • DisCoTEX – Assessing DIScourse COherence in Italian TEXts (D. Brunato, D. Colla, F. Dell’Orletta, I. Dini, D.P. Radicioni, A.A. Ravelli)

Note that the task web pages will be updated continually, so please make sure to check them from time to time.