PoSTWITA – POS tagging for Italian Social Media Texts

Work on Part­-of­-Speech (PoS) tagging has mainly concentrated on standardized texts for many years. However, the interest in automatic evaluation of social media texts, in particular for microblogging texts such as tweets, is growing considerably: information found on Twitter has already been shown to be useful for a variety of applications for identifying trends and upcoming events in various fields. Various attempt to produce tools specialised on Twitter data are available in literature for different languages, but Italian completely lack of such resources both regarding annotated corpora and specific PoS­-tagging tools.

The PoSTWITA task for EVALITA 2016 concerns the domain adaptation of PoS­-taggers to Twitter texts.

Detailed guidelines, task materials and data sets for development, training and testing will be made available on the Task Website.


  • Andrea Bolioli (CELI, Torino, Italy)
  • Cristina Bosco (Università di Torino, Italy)
  • Alessandro Mazzei (Università di Torino, Italy)
  • Fabio Tamburini (Università di Bologna, Italy)


Fabio Tamburini: fabio.tamburini[AT]