In its second edition, EVALITA has become the reference evaluation campaign of both Natural Language Processing and Speech technologies for Italian.
Thanks to the support of the Italian Association of Speech Science (AISV), the major novelty of EVALITA 2009 has been that, for the first time, an evaluation initiative of Speech technologies for Italian has been organized.
As a second relevant novelty, EVALITA started a collaboration with Passage, the evaluation campaign on parsing for French, aiming at sharing methodologies with similar initiatives at the European level.
Both academic institutions and industrial organizations have been invited to participate at EVALITA 2009, 102 expressions of interest have been received and the final number of participants was 46 for the eight tasks proposed:

Text tasks

Speech tasks

The final EVALITA 2009 workshop has been organized to disseminate the results of the EVALITA 2009 evaluation. The workshop has been held in conjunction with AI*IA 2009 and has taken place on December 12th in the new building of the Department of Social, Cognitive and Quantitative Sciences and of the Faculty of Communication and Economics, located in the centre of Reggio Emilia (via Allegri 9).