The proceedings of the final EVALITA 2007 workshop have been published as a special issue of Intelligenza Artificiale, the journal of Associazione Italiana Intelligenza Artificiale.


Evalita 2007: Evaluating Natural Language Tools for Italian B. Magnini, A. Cappelli.

Part of speech tagging

Evalita 2007: The Part-of-Speech Tagging TaskF. Tamburini


Evalita Parsing Task: An Analysis of the first Parsing System Contest for ItalianC. Bosco, A. Mazzei, V. Lombardo

Word sense disambiguation

F. Bertagna, A. Toral, N. Calzolari

Temporal expresion recognition and normalization

Evalita 2007: Description and Results of the TERN TaskV. Bartalesi Lenzi, Rachele Sprugnoli

Named entity recognition

Evalita 2007: The Named Entity Recognition TaskM. Speranza