At the first edition of EVALITA we invited participation, both from academic institutions and industrial organizations, in five tasks, all for Italian:

We received 55 expressions of interest for the five tasks. In the end, the number of participants was 30, with the following distribution: Part of Speech tagging (11), Parsing (8), Word Sense Disambiguation (1), Temporal Expressions (4), Named Entity Recognition (6). Overall, 21 different organizations participated in EVALITA 2007, out of which 8 were not Italian, and 2 were non-academic.

The final EVALITA 2007 workshop has been organized to disseminate the results of the EVALITA 2007 evaluation. The workshop has been held in conjunction with AI*IA 2007 and has taken place on September 10th at Villa Mondragone, a XVI century “Villa Tuscolana” located between Frascati and Monte Porzio Catone, only 20 km from Rome.