Workshop Program and Presentations

Rome, September 10th 2007

Part of Speech Tagging Task

  • Maximum Entropy for Italian PoS Tagging – F. Dell’Orletta, M. Federico, A. Lenci, S. Montemagni, V. Pirrelli
  • C4: HMM PoS Tagger with PoS Guesser and External Lexicon – S. Romagnoli
  • CORISTagger: A High Performance PoS Tagger for Italian – F. Tamburini
  • UniPiSynthema PoS Tagger Description and Evaluation – C. Aliprandi, N. Carmignani, N. Deha, P. Mancarella, M. Rubino
  • Are two Heads Better than one? Experiments with Italian Part-of-Speech Labelling – J. Bos, M. Nissim
  • An SVM Tagger for Italian – M. Schiehlen
  • The PoS Tagger of the NLP Group of the University of Torino – L. Lesmo
  • VEST Venice Symbolic Tagger – R. Delmonte
  • PoS Tagging with a Named Entity Tagger – M. Ciaramita, J. Atserias

Parsing Task

  • Recovering from Failure with the GraFo Left Corner Parser – E. Pianta
  • Online Learning Based Deterministic Dependency Parsing for Italian – P. Mannem>
  • DeSR at the Evalita Dependency Parsing Task – G. Attardi, M. Simi
  • Lost in Grammar Translation – F. M. Zanzotto
  • A Dependency Parser for Italian – M. Schiehlen
  • Bidirectional Dependency Parsing Trained on the Turin University Treebank – L. Champollion, P. Mannem, L. Robaldo


  • RETA2 System at Evalita 2007 – M. Puchol Blasco, E. Saquete Boró, P. Martinez-Barco

Named Entity Recognition Task

  • Resource Integration for Named Entity Tagger Development in Italian – C. R. Walker
  • UniAli: Building a Resource Independent System for Italian Named Entity Recognition – Z. Kozareva, A. Montoyo
  • NER in Texts without Domain- or Language-Knowledge using Wikipedia – F. Jungermann, M. Rössler
  • Named Entity Tagging with a PoS Tagger- M. Ciaramita, J. Atserias