Instructions for Video

Due to the virtual nature of EVALITA 2020, your work will be presented via a video which will be uploaded on Vimeo and will be publicly available. Please note that such a public release will require at least one author of the paper to compile and sign a “Presenter Release and Permission” (see below).

Therefore, we expect you to upload a presentation of your work, which consists of a video of your presentation slides accompanied with verbal explanations.

Please, read the following instructions concerning video requirements, recording suggestions, and video uploading.

1.Video Requirements

    1. Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    2. Format: MP4
    3. Size: less than 200 MB
    4. Duration:
      max. 15 minutes for Task Organizers;
      max. 8 minutes for Participants.
    5. Video name:
      {TASK}@EVALITA2020.mp4 for task organizers
      {TEAM}@{TASK}.mp4 for participants
      (example: UNIMARS@NLP4Earth.mp4)
    6. IMPORTANT: Together with the required files, please send us the compiled and signed “Presenter Release and Permission” that allows us to upload the video on Vimeo. This file MUST be uploaded in a PDF format with the same convention of the video. You can download the form at:

2.Recording your video

In case you don’t know which video recorder you can use, here a list of possible choices

  1. BroadCaster (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  2. ActivePresenter (Windows, Mac)
  3. Kazam (Linux)
  4. SimpleScreenRecorder (Linux)
  5. recordMyDesktop (Linux)
  6. VokoscreenNG (Linux)
  7. ScreenStudio (Linux)
  8. GreenRecorder (Linux)
  9. Peek (Linux)
  10. Screenshot system app on Mac
  11. ScreenRecorder (Android)

3.Upload and send your video

In order to share your video and allow us to upload it on Vimeo, we ask you to upload it on our Google Drive Directory at the following link not later than the 27th November 2020:

Please upload your video in the folder name according to your task.

The strict deadline for sending us your videos is on the ***27th November 2020***.