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Evaluation of NLP and Speech Tools for Italian

What is EVALITA?

EVALITA is an initiative devoted to the evaluation of Natural Language Processing and Speech tools for Italian.

The general objective of Evalita is to promote the development of language and speech technologies for the Italian language, providing a shared framework where different systems and approaches can be evaluated in a consistent manner.

The diffusion of shared tasks and shared evaluation practices is a crucial step towards the development of resources and tools for NLP and speech sciences. The good response obtained by EVALITA, both in the number of participants and in the quality of results, showed that it is worth pursuing such goals for the Italian language.

As a side effect of the evaluation campaign, both training and test data are available to the scientific community as benchmarks for future improvements.  

Current Activities

Following the success of Evalita 2007, Evalita 2009 and Evalita 2011, we have organised EVALITA 2014.


Registration to Evalita 2014 tasks

Registration for the Evalita 2014 shared tasks is now closed.

Tasks and subtasks organized in this edition of Evalita 2014 are listed below:

Text Tasks:

Speech Tasks:

To register in one or more Evalita 2014 tasks, please fill in the following form.

Call for Interest Evalita 2014

The call for interest is now closed.
Please register going to the registration page if you intend to participate in one or more tasks. Upon registration, we will be able to contact you directly with news, updates, data availability etc.